Campaigning for a proper #teamoji

The challenge

Yorkshire Tea approached us to come up with a campaign idea around National Tea Day (21st April) that would drive a social buzz across Yorkshire Tea's channels and build on brand awareness. But with awareness days already over-saturated with an abundance of content and campaigns from different brands, we knew we needed a clever and creative idea that would stand out.

The solution

That’s when we thought - coffee has an emoji, so why doesn’t tea? Matcha tea is already represented, but a proper brew is still lacking its own emoji. Utilising social media listening tools, we identified a genuine gap in the emoji keyboard for a true representation of English tea.

To help generate a strong social buzz, we launched this campaign on National Tea Day across Yorkshire Tea’s social channels, garnering the support of both the Yorkshire Tea fan base and our nation of devoted tea drinkers who were desperate for a proper tea emoji.

With the nation behind us, we submitted a request to the official emoji keyboard creators - the Unicode Consortium - to campaign for a teapot emoji, all with the backing of Yorkshire Tea.

The results

The #teamoji campaign generated the strongest performing social posts of the year for Yorkshire Tea by doubling average engagements across social media (114% increase). Twitter engagement increased by a staggering 349%, Facebook engagement rose by 40% and Instagram by 120%.

In total, the campaign resulted in over 13k engagements and achieved media coverage across national and regional titles.

After making our case and gathering vocal support for the #teamoji, the application has officially been accepted by Unicode and the teapot emoji will take its well-deserved spot on the emoji keyboard in 2020. Watch this space.

video views
increase in total engagements

Client testimonial

We’ve always dreamed of having a tea emoji (as have most tea drinkers!) and this year we decided to try and make it happen. Overall it was a great success and the social video captured loads of attention from our fans and even new tea drinkers. This campaign was a real success and we cannot wait for the teamoji to launch!

Elle Tehrani, Digital Marketing Manager


Yorkshire Tea | Campaigning for a #teamoji

We thought - coffee has an emoji, so why doesn’t tea? So we submitted a request to the Unicode Consortium and campaigned for a teapot emoji, all with the backing of Yorkshire Tea.

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