Taking the House of Peroni from Local to Global

The Context

Peroni has established itself as a pioneer within premium lager. The brand wanted to grow its core base of drinkers and to increase loyalty to Peroni at a time when the market was facing a new influx from premium craft beers and a move towards lower ABV drinks; with people wanting to enhance their experience when they do have a drink with something that’s higher quality or that offers deeper value. Peroni has been working &Ugo on both a global and local level to inject fresh thinking into activations. 

The Story

Since 2013 Peroni have been truly innovative within the beer category with their experiential activity. The original concept for House of Peroni ran in the UK market for 5 years and involved the taking-over of prime city locations showcasing contemporary Italian culture in innovative ways.

The popularity of the UK’s House of Peroni was the base on which the Peroni team wanted to build. &Ugo had the challenge of evolving it into a global platform to support both established and developing markets. Peroni’s aims:

— Increase the reach of Peroni (outside of bought media) 

— Drive broader awareness of the brand


Evolving and widening the original House of Peroni concept 

What was a focused event in one market now needed to become culturally relevant to multiple countries in a ‘tour’ activation from March to September 2019. The events now had a prominent role to play in the global calendar, so needed to show a more prolonged period of consumer interaction beyond a spike of activity when the events were held.

How to capture the attention of the global elite style crowd 

Peroni &Ugo identified a core target for the House of Peroni. This audience are at the cutting-edge of style, a collection of fascinating and highly creative individuals across the leading cities who are skilled, multi-faceted and who live for style. Targeting them could only be done through the honest interaction of values. Bringing them into the Peroni brand across multiple markets whilst also getting them to spread the word to their networks was going to be a challenge.

Keeping true to Peroni’s Italian heritage

The beating heart of Peroni is always within the Italian culture from which it comes. The aim? To lean into the heritage whilst at the same time being fresh and innovative: giving an inquisitive but selective audience a fresh take on what it means to live with true Italian style. For an experiential project this meant making Italian values implicit throughout but finding innovative ways to push people’s expectations of what Peroni teaches them, inspires them to do that feels relevant to a super-stylish target audience.


Italian culture inspires through its elevation of the everyday

By having the experiential theme as ‘Elevating the Everyday’ it enabled an easy way to convey facts about another culture in a fresh way when plugged into remarkable artists. Also creating a strong narrative thread through the pre/during/post phases. Inspired by Italy, made by local markets.


A global team of influencers at the heart of the project 

The answer lay in establishing a more collaborative approach with the best of the best. &Ugo plugged into the most cutting-edge style makers from around the world, taken from their own contacts. The Immersion Phase was a week in Puglia, passing on the passion from Italian style makers across design, craft, food and culture. Emphasis was put into enriching the influencer’s knowledge of Peroni’s Italian heritage while inspiring their creativity. 

This group of eleven - including a 3x Michelin-starred chef, artists, DJ’s, photographers - became the global Creative Council for the House of Peroni 2019 and an unrivalled resource for the creation of truly original assets and events to attract a super stylish audience.

Moving the platform into new areas  

Each influencer contributed to the new Global House of Peroni Collection. Creating an exclusive product, their interpretation of ‘the beauty of style’ that represented their craft. This formed part of a physical collection created across all markets with these unique products exhibited around Europe and used as press gifts in markets. 

Social was now put at the forefront. Firstly engaging through how Italians elevate everyday rituals e.g. schiscetta at lunchtime; social feed posts and Stories. Then moving into influencer-led content from the immersion phase for further reach. Additional media was used to explode the events into each city. The key visual appearing in OOH in Paris and across social channels. Building on the equity of previous years #HouseofPeroni was used for all social content.

Global-Local ratio for a Plug and Play approach

&Ugo’s brief was to ensure that each city had a unique event and not a homogenised global tour. So they put local talent at the heart of the project. The 80:20 ratio was devised. While the larger parts of the activation needed to be developed by the global team, at 80% of the overall design, the key parts that make a successful event - food and music, were curated at a local level. For example in Stockholm a menu was developed with Positano, the food outlet from the team at Tjoget - one of the World’s Best Bars. While in Paris &Ugo worked with the team from renowned cocktail bar and restaurant Bonhomie.

This meant that the ‘tour’ elements e.g. the bar unit, DJ booth, food counters, gelato cart, sensory and photo booths could all be transported to each city. &Ugo devised each element for easy construction and durability in multiple locations. The 80:20 ration ensured a homogenous brand concept with local relevance within budget. 


Placing project emphasis on an Immersion Phase for influencers elevated every output

By putting this phase at the heart the project resonated far louder in so many more exciting ways.

80:20 ratio for Global:Local was the perfect balance for a complex global experiential activation

A global campaign can lose relevance but focussing on key elements coming from local talent plugged the events into the most exciting parts of the host city.

Influencer posts
Overall social reach
Social engagements
Over-subscribed in each city with 3,000+
Total event attendance

&Ugo understood the challenges laid before them – logistically demanding; multiple stakeholders in several different markets; tight deadlines and strict budget parameters, to name a few. They rose to the occasion, creating a beautiful concept which we collaboratively developed into a fully integrated global campaign, maximising market relevance by balancing a global approach with important local nuances in each city.

Joanna Flamini, Global Trade Marketing & Digital Manager


Taking the House of Peroni from Local to Global

With hero events in Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Dublin and extended comms plans in other key markets, this global integrated campaign placed a team of creative collaborators at the heart and ran successfully throughout 2019.

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