Reigniting brand love and reclaiming relevance: Clinique’s Future in-store experience

Remaining relevant in a highly saturated market

Globally renowned beauty brand Clinique has created skincare and beauty products for over 50 years. With a highly competitive, rapidly evolving beauty market, Clinque needed to reignite brand love and reclaim its relevance, retaining a long-standing customer base whilst appealing to a younger generation of savvy, ‘skintellectual’ consumers.

UXUS elevates brand perception through immersive, sensorial retail experiences

Retail environments serve as the physical meeting point between customer and brand. When artfully created they become brand playgrounds enriched with memorable and differentiated experiences that elevate brand reputation and forge customer loyalty.  

With the retail concept of ‘Clinique Laboratories’ UXUS transforms Clinique's retail environment into a full sensory immersion into the brand.

‘Clinque Laboratories’ translates the brand’s DNA of scientific research and innovative technology into a sophisticated and personalized skincare experience, bringing Clinique’s skin science, cutting-edge diagnostics, and iconic products to life. The retail concept capitalizes on the growing lab aesthetic trend while amplifying Clinique’s heritage and point of difference to create an authentic, ownable brand experience. 

The Clinique Laboratories retail concept juxtaposes our brand’s DNA with a fresh new look for our in-store experiences. It's an expression of Clinique for the future.


The Clinique Laboratories speaks to consumers' desire for education, exploration, play, and self-expression

  • A range of service options, (self-led, staff-led, group experiences on/offline) paired with ‘science made simple’ storytelling engages customers with Clinique’s authority and expertise in an approachable and welcoming way
  • Curated education helps clients to learn along their journey, through a variety of engaging formats, from videos to artistic installations
  • Intuitive choice allows customers to personalize their journey, through a series of interactive tools that focus on unique skin profiles

From signature service experiences, interactive phygital touchpoints, a new graphic language, sensorial storytelling, and a platform for building a beauty community, the concept takes a 360’ approach to enliven the brand, engage consumers and drive product sales.

From pilot store to global rollout

Our original pilot store was designed for the Chinese market, one of the most competitive beauty markets worldwide, with an incredibly sophisticated and discerning beauty consumer. Success here would be an indicator for success on a global level.

Suffice to say, the launch of the ‘Clinique Laboratories’ pilot store in Shenzhen was extremely successful, with significant increases across customer satisfaction and markers of in-store experience. As a result, the retail concept has been adopted for global rollout.

increase in overall customer satisfaction
of customers say the store offers a unique experience
of customers say the store makes them feel happy

The importance of re-imagining the customer experience

Re-imagining the in-store experience of established, long-standing brands is critical to the continued relevance of the brand. Physical spaces afford us the opportunity to engage with customers on an emotional level, creating unique and emotionally engaging experiences that forge brand affinity, brand-love and customer loyalty. Experiences that shape the future of the brand. 


Reigniting Brand Love and Reclaiming Relevance: Clinique’s Future In Store Experience

UXUS transforms Clinique's retail environment into a full sensory immersion into the brand, creating an authentic, ownable brand experience that elevates brand reputation, reignites brand love and reclaims relevance in an increasingly saturated beauty market.

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