Foot Locker - Future Voices

Today, sneakers dominate the fashion game, so it was no surprise when Foot Locker asked us to help the brand show up during Milan, Paris and London FW20. As a brand committed to pushing culture forward, we knew we wanted to bring a unique brand POV their audience couldn’t find elsewhere.

After close examination of the event, talking to industry experts, our own i-D editors and interrogating tons of VICE proprietary data, we realised that Fashion Week events still are beacons of white privilege, exclusive to most of us, but extra hard to break into if the colour of your skin is Black. As a sneaker brand born from the streets, there clearly was a massive cultural opportunity for the brand to bring their purpose to life, elevating those Black voices that needed to be heard.

The “Future Voices” campaign, a docu-series elevating and supporting voices who are changing the fashion industry single-handedly, set out to do exactly this. For each key city, a film was created to platform the voices of talented Black women and their quest towards an inclusive fashion world. Each video stars fashion activists as they share their take on the current state of the industry, what exactly needs changing to be better and what they dream and hope for in the future. 

We collaborated with creative culture shaper and founder of “Girls Will be Boys” Char Elesse, body positive influencer Noemie and model Sarah.

As a brand driven by the desire to ignite positive change, there was a clear cut brand role in sharing the stories of these powerful female voices. Using the brand’s media space to amplify those voices shaping the future today, Foot Locker set out to inspire freedom of expression, liberation and strength against society's stereotypes and help their audience reclaim their independence and sexuality.


Foot Locker - Future Voices

Even after everything the last year has taught us, fashion is still a shockingly white industry. As a brand committed to pushing culture forward, Foot Locker decided to help bring inclusivity to the exclusive Fashion Week events of Europe by elevating powerful Black talent in the

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