Makeup for the Zoom Age

In 2020 life became digital by default, and we found ourselves spending more time on video calls than we ever thought possible. And there in the upper right hand corner of our Zoom calls was a constant reminder of our less than glamorous reality - the dreaded self view window.   

So we got this idea, could we embrace the new digital reality with a digital makeup line that would open up endless creative possibilities to glow up our Zoom game?

Digital makeup doesn’t have the limitations that physical makeup does. The creative possibilities are endless.


We worked together with L’Oréal to launch L’Oréal Signature Faces, an invitation to explore the boundaries of modern makeup and bring fire to your video call looks.

We brought in make-up artist Val Garland and 3D artists Ariel Lu and Sylvain Gaussens to create a fully comprehensive makeup line with a unique aesthetic featuring 10 digital-first products for the lips, eyes and cheeks. Unlike AR filters, the line was built as a tool for people to use live and interactively during video calls.

You can find L’Oréal Signature Faces on Snap Camera and use it on your preferred video call service. Some looks are exclusive to Google Duo, making L'Oréal Paris the first brand to be integrated into it.

We brought in more than 10 million users in the first two months, and the press went crazy, with over 200 organic pieces of coverage worldwide.


L'Oréal Signature Faces - Makeup for the Zoom Age

Regular makeup is limited by the physical world, but digital makeup opens up limitless expression. We created L’Oréal’s Signature Faces, the digital makeup line that’ll make your regular makeup jealous - just in time for 2020.

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