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Virtue, the agency powered by VICE Media Group, builds brands from inside culture. A full-service strategic and creative agency with industry-leading expertise, Virtue helps brands find an authentic voice at the epicentre of culture.

With a presence in 17 cities across 13 countries, Virtue is a ‘borderless’ agency, putting together bespoke teams of people with diverse skills, backgrounds, and perspectives. Virtue works with brands like Coca-Cola, HBO, Logitech, P&G, General Mills, H&M, Volkswagen, McDonald’s, eToro, Red Bull, and Beats.






The State of Youth

In this report, VMG Insights wanted to better understand current youth mindsets and behavioural shifts to help forecast the future of culture, looking into who they are and how they really see the world as it is now.


Culture of Trust

In a post-truth era, trust has never been more important. This research analyses how trust is built amongst Gen Z and provides a new cultural framework that brands can employ to gain the trust of young people.


Check Ins at Check Out

VICE Insights conducted an online survey with our youth audience around the world. We heard from 1,000 Gen Z and Millennials across North America, APAC, and EMEA, and cross-referenced the findings with previous proprietary research and current shopping content performance. The research unveiled four key check-ins at checkout, each of which prompt mandates for brands to maintain relevance with young consumers through the next not-so-gilded era.


We, The Family: Introducing Gen Z Parenthood

In just a couple of years, nearly half of all new parents will be Gen Zers — an unexplored cohort quietly dismantling the face of parenting as we know it.


The Screenwear Paper: A Global Exploration of Digital Fashion

Virtue Futures X The Demtaterialised began a deep exploration of the digital fashion space in 2022, its consumers, its creators and contributors. We interviewed 19 leading experts. We then spoke to 3000 consumers (a mixture of Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X and Boomer) across the world (US, UK, Germany, Mexico, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE) about what they think, feel and expect. What did we find?


New Codes of Luxury

The latest in our 'Youth In Pandemic' series tracking the behavioural shifts of Gen Z, the report flips notions of traditional luxury on its head — what used to be about external expression is now about internal alignment with their values.


Collective Awakening

Since the onset of the first lockdowns, we have been monitoring the effect of the pandemic on society, culture and young people all over the world. Perhaps one of the most fundamental shifts we’ve seen so far is on how it is affecting our values: driving a shift from the individualistic to the collective.