The UK electric and hybrid electric car industry is set for steep growth. In the UK, all new vehicles must be electric in law by 2040, London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone started in April 2019 and more will follow. With a range of major car brands now offering electric and hybrid electric vehicles, we are seeing a rapid acceleration in consumer interest.

The Challenge

To convince consumers that these vehicles can be attainable and risk-free. In order to turn interest in to sales, consumers need to feel comfortable about switching to a new electric or hybrid electric alternative but at the moment, there is a gap in the market for a credible independent voice to help them.

The opportunity

To launch the industry’s first truly independent electric and hybrid electric car buying experience. The founders of Carverter approached Geometry with an idea.

They wanted to be the first brand to provide consumers with access to the complete range of electric and hybrid electric vehicles in the marketplace, whilst offering independent advice and support along the way.

Our response

At the heart of this proposition, using the data for all 32m cars in the UK, Geometry created a highly intelligent, industry first, car matching algorithm. By simply entering your existing number plate, the website could instantly identify your existing car and match (or Carvert) you to the nearest equivalent electric or hybrid electric alternatives. Putting the switch to a greener future, a simple click away.

Designed to reassure

Geometry has used its market-leading end to end commerce experience and the considerable data available to create content never previously available to consumers. By helping them to understand battery charging times and enabling them to compare performance and running costs with their existing car, we were able to gently nudge consumers through the purchasing process.


Carverter - How a truly independent electric and hybrid car buying experience got people to switch

There are 32 million cars in the UK & by 2040 new legislation means everyone will need to switch to a low or zero emission vehicle. Using a world first algorithm we created a platform that allows people to convert their current car into an equivalent low or zero emission vehicle.

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