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Introducing the Dukes of Chippingdom


We were asked to create a new identity for Lamb Weston’s new potato product – a rustic chip with a handmade appearance. The new product was aimed at the hospitality industry, targeting pubs and restaurants with a reputation for proper, traditional, quality food. 

Lamb Weston wanted us to develop the brand idea and launch campaign to sell 200 tonnes of the product in the first 4 months.


We know that provenance is a key factor in the decision-making process, when chefs, buyers and restaurant managers are purchasing food and ingredients. With a focus on lower food-miles and cO2 emissions, supporting for our British farmers are an equal consideration with price. 

The new product is made from 100% British potatoes, grown in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire by local farmers. Additionally, the new product was produced with a distinctly hand-cut appearance – golden and crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.


By dialling up the provenance and homegrown authenticity, we wanted to create a brand with a very British tone of voice. We also wanted to take the opportunity to blur the lines between foodservice B2B and B2C. This led us to wrap the new product identity in an idea that would capture the imagination of chefs up and down the country.


We created the fictional world of Chippingdom, and made its Duke the face of the brand. The Dukes of Chippingham was the creative encapsulation of the quintessential British chip. If these chips could talk – this is what they’d sound like. Proper British chips cut from potatoes with a proud and distinguished British heritage.

From visual language and tone of voice, to packaging, POS and advertising – we developed an entire brand world that tapped into every touchpoint along the trade customer journey. Starting in trade events, media comms, social media and B2B sales toolkits – right down to the website and online ordering process.

products sold in 4 months
Best B2B Integrated Marketing Campaign
on our business objectives


Introducing the Dukes of Chippingdom

A distinctive new brand identity for a new British chip. From tone of voice and visual language, to packaging and advertising, The Dukes of Chippingdom is now part of Lamb Weston's portfolio of innovative chip products.

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