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Building loyalty, increasing customer spend for Jewson.

The Background

Turning Jewson from one of the biggest suppliers of building materials into one of the biggest suppliers into builders’ daily lifestyles, we created £3.5m of partnership prizes from a £50k client budget, helped create a 25% increase in average transaction value; improved customer loyalty scores; and captured a GDPR-beating wealth of data to inform their business going forward.

The Work

Creating commercial partnerships on behalf of Jewson with Greggs, Papa John’s and Betfair we were able to offer builders free bets, breakfasts and the best pizzas in town, every time they spent over £100 with our ‘Home or Away’ sales promotion. The activity was sports themed as we knew their customers spend more time on the back pages of their daily newspapers than the front.

Launched during the Rugby World Cup to capitalise on the excitement and noise around the occasion, Home or Away not only gave builders their free bets, sausage rolls and pizzas, it also gave them the chance to win Away prizes, in the form of 600 holidays to any of the thirty countries competing in the tournament. (Prizes which, thanks to our financial modelling, cost Jewson a fraction of their real value.)

A successful sales promotion for Jewson, with the legs to run again and again; a massive sampling opportunity for their commercial partners; and another great example of getting our clients’ brand chosen more often.

million profit
increase in average transaction value



Making Jewson the big winner of the Rugby World Cup

Business Objectives



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