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M6toll - Creating reappraisal to drive new sales.

The Background

To some, the M6toll is 45km of expensive road. To us – and to others thanks to our research findings – it’s an extra 25 minutes in bed. It’s getting home on time to enjoy dinner with the family. It’s the chance to get stuck into the things you love to do, not stuck in a never ending line of traffic. 

A range of emotional benefits that would help us change public perception of the M6toll from being something costly, to something offering real value that would attract new customers.

The Work

We created a campaign that took these real-life, real value benefits and showed them in direct contrast to the daily traffic queues that people faced as they took the ‘slow way’ round.

To help drive trial our communications approach was supported by a price promotions package designed to further encourage new customers into choosing the M6toll – and experiencing its benefits for themselves.

11:1 ROI
Impressive return
£1M Profit
Over the campaign
Lead gen campaign


M6 Toll

Creating reappraisal to drive new sales.

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