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On paper, it looks like a write-off


TPS National’s Total Loss Avoidance programme is designed to offer Volkswagen Group vehicle parts at discounted rates; to help bring repair costs below insurance write-off thresholds. 

This helps to retain the business for garages and bodyshops, and ultimately keep vehicles on the road instead of going to the scrapyard. Our mission was to encourage these businesses to go direct to TPS National,instead of multiple suppliers, for quotes on parts and panels for vehicles that have been involved in collisions, increasing inbound inquiries by 10% in the first 6 months.


Bodyshops and garages will often draw up their quotes from local and preferred suppliers separately. This pushes the repair costs above the write-off threshold, suggesting that on paper – the cost of the repair is more than the value of the vehicle. This is when the insurance company deem the vehicle a write-off.


We wanted to re-frame what a write-off looks like by showing what might usually be considered a lost cause – could in fact be saved with the help of TPS National. As well as garages and bodyshops, we also targeted key decision makers in 20 of the UK’s top insurance providers, incentivising them to request that garages obtain a quote from TPS National in order to help keep their policy holders and their vehicles.


The On paper campaign created stand-out by showing what was effectively a post-collision vehicle, in a market saturated with highly polished and re-touched photography. The ‘crumpled’ paper effect was an eye-catching treatment used in various trade publications, online video, social and direct mail. The message was designed to quickly subvert what the audience thought about write-offs, and deliver TPS National’s unique proposition.

The direct mail piece was purposely ‘crumpled’ and arrived with a Royal Mail ‘damaged inpost’ sticker, adding to the engagement from the recipients. 

Increase in sales
GOLD award
The Drum Roses Award 2020
Biggest profit across VW Group


On paper, it looks like a write-off

Press and direct campaign to highlight TPS National's Total Loss Avoidance programme – offering garages and bodyshops reduced prices on genuine parts for Volkswagen Group vehicles, so the repair costs can fall below the insurance write-off threshold.

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