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Escaping the Boring Everyday with Mentos Random Bursts of Freshness

The Challenge

Mentos tasked us with taking the global proposition of 'saying yes' and carving out a unique positioning to make the brand more relevant to the UK market.

With the category dominated by messaging around fresh breath, our strategy focused on the consumer mindset and need for escapism with micro-bursts of joy.

The message is clear. Fresh breath confidence means looking great, feeling great and dancing to the beat of societal expectations. From celebrating date nights and big social events, showing off your polished dance moves, to the market leader focusing on fast fashion - the narrative is fickle, alienating, and lacking any meaningful connection.

The Solution

Joy-riding out and about, joy-scrolling at home.

We made fresh breath about a moment to yourself, not a confidence / ego trip. We wanted to offer people the chance to escape daily mundane moments, with the burst of fruity freshness of Mentos Gum. So, we went big, bright and bold, and through targeted media out-and-about and digital for people working from home, we could grab people's attention and associate pick-me-up content with the pick-me-up feeling of the Mentos products.

The 'bland-blocking' integrated nationwide campaign included:

  • 2x TV commercials, seen across VOD, YouTube, Online and Social
  • Experiential and Sampling
  • National Outdoor Campaign
  • Bespoke Amazon brand store page
  • Custom full-screen experiences for Amazon Fire Tablets
  • TikTok influencer campaign
  • Display ads for Amazon Network
  • Ongoing 'always-on' full service social
  • Display ads for Buzzfeed

We targeted key lulls in the day to drive new consumption moments online.

Proximity digital outdoor linked to shopper habits by location and time of day.

TikTok Campaign

We used TikTok to give consumers more creative license to get involved and show their creative micro-moments of joy.

We ran a set of bespoke, tailored ads to get people involved, with entry content then adapted to work across formats, with different messaging rotated to test the most effective way of broadening our reach.

Not only did we smash our KPI's out of the park but Walker set a new precedent for the global campaign template.

Sarah Elmer, Marketing Manager - Mentos

Creating an immersive 'escape' experience

Our experiential and immersive sampling campaign at Barcode Festival included tropical scent machines, full sampling teams, tropical plants and a giant sweeper challenge.

The challenge was to create an immersive experience that not only brought to life 'Yes to Fresh' but also the escapism of chewing their tropical and cherry flavoured gum, which we achieved by providing stimulation for the senses and a moment where you simply couldn't think about anything else!

Our social content keeps our moments of escapism always-on.

Detailed social targeting mechanics link directly to purchase habits and key audience clusters.

Our full service social keeps the campaign running throughout the year

We create the content, manage the accounts, stay hands-on with the targeting, plan and buy the media and measure, track and report back on performance.

Our engagement is 4x the industry average, alongside an increasing reach and a new d2c e-commerce platform - all brought to life with standout and consistently distinctive content.

Taking Yes To Fresh on Pack

We were then tasked with bringing the new UK proposition in line with a on-pack promotion to increase conversion, as well as distinctiveness in the UK proposition.

Our social 'snap, share, win' campaign encouraged people to showcase themselves taking a moment, and saying yes to fresh, to win fresh experiences!

We used pixel-based social ads that target by different lifestyle needs against potential prizes to encourage participation. We've made sure the creative is distinct and on brand to translate the digital campaign towards what people will see when they walk in store. The nationwide campaign from concept to creation has been produced totally in-house:

- Strategy and Campaign Planning

- Animation and Creative Content Creation

- Competition Mechanics and Fulfilment


Say Yes To Fresh with Mentos

We needed to build awareness of Mentos Gum fast, so we adopted a challenger mindset to encourage the nation to say 'Yes To Fresh' and embrace random bursts of joy. Our 360° campaign included TV, outdoor, social, shopper, e-commerce and experiential and was all created in-house.

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