first direct 'apologises' to other banks

The Problem

Although a big deal to first direct, nobody really knows or cares about the CMA rankings. We wanted to let people know a) what the CMA rankings are and b) that first direct were voted number 1. As part of the rankings, every bank branch in the UK is made to display the 'Top 5' in a league table - regardless of where their own bank ranks. That means that the bank who finishes in 10th has to display in their own branch that first direct are number one.

The Idea

Shouting the loudest is one way of announcing you’re number one. But on social media, real kudos comes from nailing the perfect humble brag.

We created an 'apology' from first direct, to all other banks. It can't be easy to have to tell your own customers that another bank is number one. Especially if you've done really badly.

The Results

Drove increased awareness of the fd brand

Campaign Sentiment: 59% positive during campaign period

Increased trading performance on current accounts by 43% vs. previous 8 weeks, +55% vs. same period 2017


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