Victory Fridge

Every sport has that team, that team that never wins. In American football, that team is the Cleveland Browns. In 2017, they didn’t win a single game. In 2016, they were poor too, winning only one out of 16 games. So, as the National Football Leagues official sponsor, Bud Light wanted to give the loyal fans something to look forward to, and they did it, in the only language they knew, beer.

To honor their struggle, we created a special edition Bud Light, and locked the bottles away in fridges that were locked with chains, only to be opened when the team won their first game. We placed the fridges in bars city wide, and got some familiar faces to deliver them. Felix Brown and Frank Stams, both Cleveland Brown legends, helped get everyone talking. The media, the team and most importantly, the fans.

Special edition Bud Lights, locked inside Wi-Fi enabled locked fridges. Suddenly, the season was not about raising a trophy, it was about raising a glass. The media coverage switched from the top of the leader board, to the very bottom.

The history books will tell you who won the season. The 2.6 billion media impressions and 500,000 additional beers in Cleveland sold will show you who won fans’ hearts.


ABInBev - Victory Fridge

Despite enduring 635 days without a win, Cleveland Browns fans remained as loyal and optimistic as ever. Bud Light, the NFL’s official beer sponsor, saw an opportunity to honor the city and its football team with a once-in-a-lifetime victory celebration.

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