Launching the first hotel with the Another Place collection

The Challenge

Launching the first hotel within the Another Place collection : needing to land identity, awareness and bookings 

Saturday Times generated a 300% uplift in traffic; Daily Telegraph review generated a 160% uplift in traffic - amongst 80 media hits

The Solution

Sharing the complete Lake District experience the hotel has to offer, through media and influencer rigour and ‘better connected’ contacts , to make sure in the opening months Another Place was seen as the season’s must book new trip.

As the first hotel within this new brand, message and experience clarity and hosting perfection for every approach and every review achieved had to be on point.

Context was important, from working with influencers whose content matched the spirit of the Lake District’s activities and energies (so not just room reviewers), to knowing the way to Caitlin Moran’s heart is through including her dog within the visit and itinerary.

In essence we set out to uncover stories to craft regular and tailored content and well angled invites, pre and post opening, to maximise editorial depth. Room reviews are two a penny in the hotel space, so bringing the lifestyle colour to stories instead of just targeting ‘reviews’ made a difference.

We negotiated ‘exclusive feeling’ previews with senior editors whilst delivering widespread media noise. And key media phone/face-to-face interviews with an accessible CEO in Will Ashworth fully articulated the brand ethos and attention to detail.

First-hand experiences, birds-eye photography and content collaborations with social media influencers were prevalent in the outcomes, to complement media relations and strong support for the in-house team around a fresh and personalised content stream.


Our hands-on and tailored approach to media relations saw us deliver over 30 media meetings and 40 press visist with key titles, generating 80+ insertions with an OTR of 895 million, stimulating noticeable peaks in web traffic and phone calls.

For example, Caitlin Moran‘s double-page spread with the Weekend cover in the Saturday Times generated a 300% uplift in traffic to the website with a noticeable increase in online bookings taken in the 24 hours after the article was published.

Fiona Duncan’s Daily Telegraph review generated a 160% uplift of web sessions and Susan Riley’s full-page review in Stylist magazine was referenced by multiple potential guests.

Every target broadsheet newspaper featured the hotel, with 30 coverage pieces published in the first two months of the opening alone. Key referral traffic for the hotel’s website has come from,,,, - all feature strong editorial coverage secured by the team. 


Launching Another Place, The Lake

Bespoke feature led launch campaign for a flagship new hotel brand building identity, driving awareness buzz and directly impacting sales.

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