Going Soupathonic with The Big Broth

The challenge

This was the first Big Broth: a Centrepoint mission in conjunction with Yorkshire Provender soups to raise much needed funds to support London's young homeless people and champion a fortnight of soup parties as the fund raising triggers. The challenge was to get the word out and encourage the soup party hosting.

436 News articles: 393m OTS: 200k video views

The solution

Thoroughness. Dedication. Contacts.

Plus some really good asset creation. We produced a talent packed 'how to' film. And with Richard Hammond, Lorraine Kelly and Angellica Bell ran three days of Soho based Soup Kitchens, with each day hosted and curated by the different talent with their own take on a soup they had created and made. A hub for media and customers to come in, taste the the soup, hear the mission and spread the word. All on a smart budget model.

To support the ambassador fuelled content and the mission context, we also had a consumer competition to support at campaign launch, with a six finalist cook off showdown judged by William Sitwell and a cast of foodies that also included Thomasina Miers, Aldo Zilli and Tom Parker Bowles. The winners soup became a listed product in Waitrose as part of the Yorkshire Provender brand, with every pack sold contributing to the Centrepoint cause, and this tied back into the Soho Soup Kitchens as we served the soup as a chaser to the celebrity versions. If you couldn't host a soup party, then at least buy some ready made for the cause...


393m OTS, supported by social channels run in house by Centrepoint, and spread across chapterised storytelling to keep the media momentum up: the kick off; the recipe for success film; the pop up soup kitchens; the soup parties themselves; and the Waitrose/competition winner new product story


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