#domorethanpour - challenging the cream category

Pique-ing interest at peak time

Everyones loves strawberries and cream in front of the tennis. If you can't get to Wimbledon itself, the sounds, tastes and wearing of tight white shorts envelop all. Maybe two out of three. But just to coat your red fruits in liquid cream is missing part of the spirit of challenge, cross court winners and competitiveness Wimbledon can engender. You need to do more than pour, you need to strategise and think afresh...which is what we did for Elmlea, the cream alternative, in taking on the number one with some alternative ways of thinking and eating

3 films with a 4.3m digital reach - 32m media OTS - Shopper Marketing tie in - retailer based digital screens

Storyteller led competitive content

In working with three tennis obsessives - Judy Murray, Jamie Laing, Roman Kemp - who also love food in a simple non-cheffy way, we created a digital content campaign to showcase three different takes on #domorethanpour. Pizza. Eton Mess. Non bake Cheesecake. Winners with simple shareable approaches.

And because we choose storytellers with competitive personalities, the cross film banter on each others chances of being the popular vote winner drove viewers to watch the series and engage with the strategic message.

Breadth of impact

Three storytellers and a wealth of media interviews with national and lifestyle press around the campaign.

Social media channels and posts from our storytellers, helping increase Elmlea's Insta following by 26%

Shopper marketing/in store recipe promotion of Judy's Cheesecake

Large screen video showcases of our content alongside the Tennis with Morrisons.

Cost per Thousand impacts/CPM of 2 pence across the campaign


The Wimbledon Remix

Reimagining a calendar staple & food tradition at peak purchase time for cream...but with a fresh take for Elmlea, the cream alternative. PR, OOH & shopper delivery all driving 'mental awareness' - with an entertainment and education model flowing from PR strategy and creative

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