Launching Rocket

Rocket has arrived

If you’ve ever found yourself living in a new place – or seen your hometown through the eyes of someone who’s new to the area you’ll know that it can be very easy to become evangelical about an adopted home.

We wanted to create the sense that Rocket was an outsider but makes you feel at home whichever city you are in. We'll explore the city together through comfort food and hidden gems.

Talking the Talk

We’ve worked with the Rocket team to develop this approach into a tangible brand attitude. In broad strokes, we’re developing a tone of voice that is conversational, honest and authoritative.

We’re using social in a way that is open and inviting, the conversation is two-way and we want to be approachable, witty and engaging in everything we do.

Content that makes you stop

We’ve produced comprehensive style guides for Rocket that outline how we’ll look across their channels.

From colours & logos to typography & photography we’re making sure that Rocket gets seen. Our aim is that all Rocket content makes mouths water, stops you from scrolling, and stands out.


Celebrating food moments

How do you compete against Uber Eats, Deliveroo and others? Wilderness Amsterdam created a standout social presence across a range of markets for Rocket, the fast-growing food delivery app taking Europe by storm.

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