Being playful AND informative.

The challenge & Insights

Natural Balance Food's Nakd Cocoa Orange bars are readily available in most stores and therefore the awareness of that flavour is high. However, the public were genuinely unaware that Nakd had a multitude of other flavours available online.

The objective of the brief was to persuade people to snack healthily and for Nakd to own ‘tea/coffee breaks’.

It's common knowledge that having a break throughout the day is important to your wellbeing and productivity. On top of this, it's also been proven that doodling is a good way of relieving stress. With those insights, and with the brief in mind, we decided to engage with our consumers on an emotional and creative level by introducing them to the playful side of the Nakd brand.

Exploring the playful side of the brand.

The Creative

Our concept was based around the idea of adding something new, or delightful, to your break. The ‘surprise and delight’ comes from not only adding a new flavour to your break, but also taking time out to have a little doodle.

The campaign ran across a number of large formats on the London Underground and at main overground stations achieving maximum impact and impressions.

One of our favourites being the large backlight site at Charing Cross station where it was juxtaposed against Burger King signage.

Press adverts. Range and individual bar options.
Large format, OOH and press executions.

Encouraging the public to be creative.


We created the #nakddoodle competition to engage with the public on a creative level.

We asked Nakd followers on the social feeds to ‘add a little delight to their break’ with the chance of their doodle actually featuring as part of the ongoing advertising campaign that ran in January. The level of creativity was exceptional!

Some of the competition entries.
Competition winners which were used in the January campaign.


Yolk Creative London have yet again delivered a highly impactful and innovative integrated campaign, that this time round not only showcases our amazing range of Nakd products, but also takes our brand awareness and engagement to a new level.

Marina Love, Marketing Director

Integrated marketing

Over 5 years, we delivered branding, experiential and ATL activations for Natural Balance Foods that contributed to a significant increase in brand equity that strategically assisted the Lotus Bakeries acquisition.

5 years
As creative lead agency, for 5 years, we collaboratively worked with Storm PR, Total Media, Wavemaker
Our assistance in building brand equity contributed to majority acquisition by Lotus Bakeries
48k bars
Our Westfield experiential 'edible wall' saw an impressive 48,000 Nakd bars go in a week


Doodle delight.

Guess what's good for you... snacking healthily. Guess what's also good for you... having a break throughout your busy working day. Find out how we encouraged people to add a little delight to their break with Nakd.

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