Stopping the scroll in a saturated market.

The Challenge

House of Kojo is an independent house plant delivery service that operates in a highly saturated online marketplace.

The business was born during the pandemic and found some initial success organically as consumers looked to improve their ‘working from home’ environments - however it was evident that if the business was to flourish further advertising would be required.

With incredibly low brand awareness, in comparison to the likes of Patch and Beards & Daisies, the challenge was to find a way of cutting through the barrage of bland house plant ads and create something that would ‘stop the scroll’.

Insight & Approach

Through our briefing process we unearthed what is truly different about House of Kojo - they are currently the largest stockist of rare and unusual plants in the UK.

With that fact in mind, and after running a study with our digital media partner, utilising social listening, we defined tribes of consumers who would most likely be interested in something a little different. Our creative thought process led us to “rare and unusual plants deserve a rare and unusual setting”.

When observing the competition, it was clear that almost every other house plant brand was defaulting to either displaying plants on a white backdrop or plants in situ. To challenge the status quo and to ensure brand recognition our campaign needed to be visually arresting and portray a very different tone.

Creating 'rare & unusual' worlds.

Hand crafted characters and assets
Setting the scene

The Creative

Owning ‘rare & unusual’ as a concept allowed us to think alternatively.

Using ‘Discover a world of rare & unusual plants’ as the campaign line allowed us to generate curiosity whilst matching the headline with a wonderfully hand-crafted environment and striking colour palette far removed from the competition.

Phased approach

We produced an initial 3-month campaign which comprised of a brand awareness phase for the first month, closely followed by consideration and conversion phases.

Our creative played out across Instagram and Facebook for the first 3 months and was then added to Pinterest, as the campaign rolled out into 6 months.


Our creative, partnered with an excellent targeted approach, generated higher than the industry benchmark results across the board through FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest.

5.4 Million
FB & Insta impressions
4.4 Million
FB & Insta reach
lower CPM than the industry benchmark for FB & Insta at £0.30
higher CTR on conversions than the FB & Insta benchmark.
higher CTR rate than the benchmark for Pinterest shopping ads.

Building on the success.

Keeping things 'rare & unusual' this Winter

Based on the success of our Summer/Autumn campaign, House Of Kojo commissioned us to deliver their Winter campaign.

This gave us a wonderful opportunity to not only create another unique world, but to also delve into Winter themes without having to do the usual 'Christmas' activity.

We delivered a full online advertising suite which went live on November 1st. We're looking forward to seeing how our 'rare & unusual' wonderland performs over the next few months.

Great work guys! Loving these creatives and customer feedback is amazing.

Daniel Nichol, Managing Director at Kojo International.


Creating rare and unusual worlds.

Have you ever noticed how all digital advertising for indoor house plants looks the same? Well, we're incredibly proud to have created a 'rare & unusual' world for House of Kojo designed to 'stop the scroll'.

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