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Leading by example.

The Challenge & Insights

Growing Places is a Community Childcare Organisation that has 8 different centres across the South West of England.

When we were briefed to rebrand them for their 20 year anniversary, we took inspiration from their teaching philosophy and placed it at the heart of our visual approach.

The Reggio Emilia educational approach is an inspirational way of building a culture that respects childhood and allows each child to have daily opportunities to play, explore, discover, communicate and develop tolerant, understanding relationships. Bringing together, children, parents and staff in a journey of education.

The original branding needed a complete overhaul, not only from a design perspective but a communication point of view, too. We wanted to create a brand that felt fresh, energetic and exuded the way of teaching that Growing Places offers.

Play. Explore. Discover. Communicate.

The Creative

We created iconography that we could use across all brand platforms. The style was purposefully free and creative to allow the new brand to feel alive and engaging. It also allowed us to signify different departments allowing them to feel part of the wider community but still be part of the core brand.

The design really came to life when placing the children, teachers and parents together in conjunction with the icons. These images would be used throughout the website and across social channels.

We created an energetic and playful re-brand but ensured how Growing Places communicated was clear and concise. We designed a complete suite of assets that included location signage as well as the livery for Growing Places' mini buses.


A succesful rebrand.

Having completed and handed over a full suite of assets to Growing Places, the brand continues to expand. The plan is to ensure that each of the 8 locations embody the new branding and that their brand equity and awareness grows within the region.


Creative learning.

The Reggio Emilia educational approach is an inspirational way of building a culture that respects childhood and allows children to have daily opportunities to play, explore and discover. Therefore, a place that teaches that way should have a brand that looks & behaves that way.

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