Desserts. They're what we live for.

The Challenge.

As with many brands that grow from start up to scale up, Mon Dessert recognised their brand had become inconsistent and was in need of a refresh.

It was important for us to position them visually, tonally and physically - with consistency - and provide them with the tools to be future proof.

They had an established logo, however there was concern it had started to age so our first port of call was to evolve it. We wanted to be respectful to the original brand mark, but clearly progress it and ensure it felt contemporary and premium.

More than just a logo.

Clearly a brand is more than just the logo. With our brand positioning work, we needed to find a way to explain what the Mon Dessert offering was at a glance. 'Curated by us. Created by you.' landed that job.

Mon Dessert provide a range of 'around the world' dessert kits that are aimed at very competent home chefs. From the recipies and ingredients, to the equipment and tutorials, Mon Dessert have curated everything so the consumer can go and create.

Ownable assets.

As well as creating a unique logo it was important to create brand assets that were completely unique to Mon Dessert.

Born from the main brand mark, we also created a series of patterns that are to be used with special gift, and limited edition, boxes.

Using the geometric shapes from the main brand mark meant that we could generate a plethora of completely different patterns that are ownably from Mon Dessert.

The Guidelines.

We were required to create a full guidelines document in order to help third parties, including Mon Dessert's photographer, understand how the new brand should look, feel and sound.

Along with the visual language and art direction style we helped define the essence of the brand. This included their role, vision, mission & belief, their values and the tone of voice that they should adopt.

*All image examples contained within this style guide, and their rights, belong to their respective owners.

Onwards & Upwards.

Now that the brand has been refreshed, and the guidelines delivered, we are currently working with Mon Dessert on a series of exciting packaging projects that we are looking forward to sharing in the coming months.

Highly recommend our creative brand agency Yolk Creative London Ltd. The team are great to work with and they really take the time to get under the skin of brands.

Samina Courtin, Founder & Director, Mon Dessert


Curated by us. Created by you.

Mon Dessert have been delivering exquisite dessert making kits, and recipes, since 2012, however recognised it was time to revitalise and future proof their brand. We were appointed to develop their brand positioning, identity, a suite of creative assets and brand guidelines.

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