Fuel your flow with Bimuno®

The challenge.

Bimuno, as a brand, needed to be elevated and repositioned.

We were asked by Clasado Biosciences to help them move Bimuno away from being perceived as a prebiotic that you use once you discover a gut health issue. Our brief was to make it become part of everyone's daily routine as a preventative and wellbeing measure - for good gut health and beyond.

Also, the brand look and feel needed to be energised. We needed to make the brand more appealing and fit in with people's lifestyles rather than it feeling medicinal.

A contemporary and relevant identity.

We wanted to move as far away from the previous brand mark as possible to ensure that it felt like a line had been drawn in the sand.

In order to change perceptions for existing customers, and to engage with new customers, it was important that the brand mark was bold but not corporate.

We worked on a creative positioning that allowed Bimuno to communicate its ability to support every day life through its 'gut health and beyond' range of products.

The flow line.

To help visually tell the 'flow of life' story we developed a free flowing graphic line that travels elegantly through the imagery.

It envelops, and seamlessly links, one thing to another in the same way that Bimuno seamlessly integrates with your daily routine.

The flow line is also an integral part of the product packaging redesign, including the sachets and multi-pack boxes.

The guidelines.

We produced a full re-positioning and brand guidelines document that is used by all third parties as well as Clasado's internal artwork team.

We have now handed over all assets to the marketing department and Clasado/Bimuno and wish them well moving forward.

Good gut health and beyond.


Bimuno will be releasing their first new product this winter, a prebiotic that specifically supports your immune system.

70% of your immune system can be found in the gut and by containing 100% of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Zinc, Binumo Immunity is literally supporting the gut and beyond.


Fuel your flow with Bimuno®

We worked closely with Clasado Biosciences to rebrand their award-winning gut health prebiotic Bimuno. Our aim was to take them from being a medicinal need to a lifestyle choice, as well as promoting wellbeing beyond the gut.

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