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Aligning with the experts.

The Challenge & Insights

Symprove is a 'backed by science' food supplement that aims to nourish the microbiome and help with overall gut health.

Brand awareness was very low, however their product is highly rated and endorsed by health experts and advocates alike.

We were briefed to improve brand awareness and instil confidence in the consumer, and therefore created GUT MATTERS, an online event designed to align with thought leaders, educate the public and raise brand awareness.

Creating the 'Symprove' effect.

The Creative

Our approach led us to turn this into a week long series of ‘talk show-esque’ episodes that would broadcast ‘live’ via Symprove’s social channels, as well as providing content for their own YouTube channel.

We created an animated introduction, for each episode, that delivered on brand and visually represented the product intrinsics.

By creating something new, we were able to show the Symprove journey and make it instantly recognisable as a Symprove property.

To elevate the look and feel, for what would essentially be a ‘talk show’ about all things gut, we needed to take the existing Symprove Avatar and really bring it to life in a way that was on brand, but had an extra premium and television broadcast quality to it.

YouTube channel ident and streamed content.

Driving traffic.

Digital Advertising

The first 8 episodes were aired ‘live’ via Facebook and Instagram, and were later housed via both the Symprove website and YouTube channel.

We created a suite of assets that were used across all touch points to advertise each episode and those experts who were due to be sharing their knowledge.


Growing the business

We worked with Symprove for 3 years helping them grow their brand equity to the point where they were bought by BD Capital. The case study above was part of a 12 month integrated campaign which lead to us delivering some fantastic results for the brand.

increased site traffic in first 3 months
increased revenue on Black Friday compared to the previous year
increased revenue in first 6 months
revenue on a £240k spend over 12 months


Getting to the 'gut' of the matter.

Good gut health and the microbiome are complicated subjects so why not let the experts fill you in?... 'Gut Matters' because good guts matter.

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