Moving every day to beat the winter blues away.

The Challenge

RED January is a free to join movement that encourages people of all abilities to be active every day during the month in order to help support their mental wellbeing.

We’ve worked in partnership with RED’s founder, Hannah Beecham, from inception and are proud to be associated with a movement that shines the light on mental health in a positive way.

We've been responsible for building the brand since 2015 from logo design all the way through to campaign planning and roll out, and have delivered across a plethora of touch points for this movement.

With the generosity of RED January's growing online community, it also supports mental health charity, Sport In Mind, through fundraising and awareness driving.

Our main objective this year was to acquire new 'REDers' to join the movement via paid digital advertising, and target those 'tribes' who would be prepared to fundraise for Sport In Mind.

Insights & Approach

The aim of the campaign was two fold; raise brand awareness and convert viewers into RED January participants who would consider fundraising.

We worked closely with our media partner to identify 'tribes' of people who would most likely engage with this kind of wellness campaign.

With 'movement' being the key feature of RED January it was paramount that we needed to communicate not only that 'being 'active' was at the heart of the campaign, but also that movement would make a significant difference to the individual, as well as the wider community through Sport In Mind.

Spreading the word.

The Creative

As we were purposefully targeting people who were passionate mental health advocates, as well as charitable and sporty consumers, it was important that the messaging was emotive but not too exhaustive.

We developed the campaign line "Make your move count" to work hand in hand with the organic social messaging, as well as the merchandising comms.

RED January is a grass roots movement that deals with real people of all ages and abilities and so the visual language needed to feel grounded.

We started the campaign by using a very graphic approach in order to create impact and introduce the campaign line. Then, we introduced our reportage styled photography in conjunction with real life 'positive effect' case studies.

As we reached the final phase of the campaign, we began to utilise 'REDer' UGC to ensure we conveyed this was about movement for all.

active fundraisers so far and climbing.

Wearing RED with pride.

The Creative Suite

Prior to the advertising brief we were responsible for the creation of all collateral and social content for the upcoming campaign as well as the design of the new T-shirt and Snood.

Merchandise for this year's campaign was produced by Decathlon and is available to buy in store and online with 100% of the profits going direct to RED January's charity partner, Sport In Mind.

In conjunction with Sport In Mind we also produced a plethora of downloadable content for participants to use throughout the month of January which was accessible though the RED January website.

The finishing touch was a celebratory pin badge for all those who fundraised during the month to wear with pride.


A movement that makes a difference.

Movement makes a difference when it comes to your metal wellbeing and we're proud to be the creative agency behind one of the UK's fastest growing wellbeing initiatives, RED January. Our latest brand awareness campaign is up and 'running' helping people to beat the winter blues.

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