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Who are the most important LGBT+ people from history?

History lessons often don’t include the actions of LGBT+ individuals that have helped shape the world we live in today. So, we went out and asked the British public if they could name any important LGBT+ historical figures. 4 in 10 couldn’t name anyone. And it comes as no surprise that the remaining 6 in 10 mostly named pop culture figures who have in some way added value to our lives through their iconic music.


Magnetic workplaces - aligning the culture you have with the culture you need

How magnetic is your culture? When it comes to driving business growth, culture matters. Stephanie Matthews, Head of Culture at Yonder, explores what to do when the culture you envision for your brand doesn’t align with the culture that you actually have, and how to marry the two.


What the metaverse means for brands

Metaverse. It’s a word that’s taken on new resonance since Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to rebrand Facebook as Meta. Even though the metaverse is still an evolving space, there are some ways you can prepare your brand to go meta now.


The power of data

Manfred Abraham explores how companies who use data and analytics effectively are best placed to uncover new opportunities and create real impact. They’re the ones who have truly embraced the concept of continuous evolution to power better connections with their customers as we all navigate through post-COVID recovery.


6 ways your brand could use NFTs

You have probably heard a lot of talk about NFTs in the news recently. So far these crypto-collectables are mainly disrupting the art world, but how can this technology unlock opportunity for brands and the relationships we have with them?


Rebuilding customer trust in a post-pandemic world: Lessons learnt from the energy crisis

The pandemic and subsequent UK energy crisis have fundamentally changed customer behaviours and attitudes, meaning they no longer trust businesses to deliver the goods and services they’ve been promised. Florence Douglas explores how brands can rebuild integrity and continuity – starting with insight.