Greene King

Transforming the e-commerce experience for the UK’s leading pub retailer and brewer

The Story

Greene King’s customers increasingly wanted a superlative experience when buying beer directly from the brand.

Greene King is the country’s leading pub retailer and brewer, running over 2,700 pubs, restaurants and hotels in towns, villages and city-centre high streets across England, Wales and Scotland.

The brew shop industry had been in a state of flux for some time, with many pub brands updating their digital presence and producing user-centric content to promote their apps and websites.

For Greene King, it was imperative to be able to offer something unique in this ‘new normal’. As a leading pub brand in the UK, this presented an opportunity for Greene King to step ahead of the pack by delivering a rich customer experience that could scale as demand grows.

The Challenge

Working in an agile way to improve the online shopping experience.

Covid-19 had forced pubs and brewers to rethink their sales and distribution propositions, as demand on direct-to-consumer (D2C) distribution increased.

Greene King already had a foothold in the D2C e- commerce arena, with a website that allowed customers to order from a selection of beers and glassware for UK delivery.

However, since the website was first launched, a number of factors meant that it was no longer fit for purpose. The WordPress and WooCommerce-based platform wasn’t able to scale to meet the increasing demand placed on the website.

In addition to this challenge, the experience was inconsistent with their brand values, and Greene King were not able to leverage data and record metrics to truly optimise the experience.

What We Did

We needed to work at pace to build an experience that could both scale to meet demand and support the longer-term goals of the business within eight weeks.

Zone collaborated with Greene King to transform the experience and e-commerce capabilities of, which was relaunched in August 2019.

Leveraging our existing relationship, we collaborated with Greene King to bring to market a live Minimum Viable Product to improve the online purchase experience that would ultimately build better customer relationships.

Zone delivered Greene King a new Shopify-based e-commerce platform that would integrate with its existing fulfilment provider with no loss of service. We used modern engineering such as automated deployments to streamline the development process of using Shopify’s SaaS platform.

It's been a great project to be a part of and it's delivered much more than a new website: an excellent new e-commerce platform in Shopify Plus, established new agile ways of working into the business, and exceptional teamwork both internally and with our digital partners, Zone.

Andy Lewis, Head of Product & User Experience, Greene King

The Results

A new and improved D2C e-commerce platform that offers a seamless customer experience.

Zone transformed the way Greene King’s customers can buy beer online. Design and built in just eight weeks, we delivered a platform that surfaced a desirable, personal and compelling user experience.

Built with Shopify Plus, the platform enables Greene King to scale up and grow with the business. The site is future proofed allowing for seamless integrations through the headless commerce across all of Greene King’s brands, websites and apps.

By using Shopify Plus, Greene King have been able to increase their exposure and reach using integrations with Facebook Marketplace, Instagram and Google Shopping.

The efficiency and effectiveness of the e-commerce experience is underpinned by the enhanced analytics of the system, which will enable Greene King to export data and gather the right insights to determine areas for continuous improvement in the future.

Now the initial platform has been delivered, the teams have switched to an ongoing optimisation phase through continuous test-and-learn iterations. We’re really excited to continue to develop the platform to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales for Greene King.


Greene King

Zone has transformed the way Greene King’s customers can buy beer online. Design and built in just eight weeks, we delivered a platform that surfaced a desirable, personal and compelling user experience.

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