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180 and CalFlowers celebrate flowers as a form of self-care

‘Flowers, Self Care Made Easy’ attempts to reposition the act of buying flowers

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


In such an ever-changing fast-paced world taking the time to practise self-care is a necessity, not just a luxury. And, while self-care is often presented as portrayed as enjoyable it also has a reputation for being time-consuming, expensive and inaccessible to the masses. In order to shift people’s mindsets and show that the simple act of buying flowers can be self care, 180 and CalFlowers’ have launched the campaign ‘Flowers, Self Care Made Easy’ for ‘That Flower Feeling’.

That Flower Feeling is a new consumer-facing brand created by 180 for CalFlowers, the leading floral trade association in California that also serves 48 states across the US. In the first-ever ad-campaign from That Flower Feeling, the brand pokes fun at the struggles of complicated self-care routines and suggests instead the far simpler option of buying flowers.

The campaign takes on a humorous tone as it looks at the struggles faced by people trying to live up to the many self-care routines on offer when there is an easier solution. From yoga to shouting-therapy to hefty at-home spas, the campaign film shows a variety of women attempting methods of self-care that cause them comedic blunders before finally showing that the simple act of buying flowers can be both easy and spark joy.

Science has shown that the act of buying a few flowers can lift mood, increase productivity and turbocharge your creativity as simply being around flowers each day can have a huge impact on our mental and emotional health.  

“The simple act of buying a few flowers regularly to add to your home can do more than make you smile. It can lift your mood, increase your productivity and turbocharge your creativity.” explained Steve Dionne, Executive Director at CalFlowers “With That Flower Feeling’s first ever ad campaign, we wanted to remind people of the simplicity and importance of flowers and encourage other floral trade groups to help spread the message.” 

That Flower Feeling was created by 180 for CalFlowers, the leading floral trade association in California that also serves 48 states across the US and its launch campaign is designed to encourage other flower co-ops across the US to get involved and spread the self-care message even further afield. The campaign aims to shift people’s mindsets from flowers as a luxury product or gift to something that is simply part of their everyday routine.  

Pol Hoenderboom, Executive Creative Director of 180 Amsterdam added, “With ‘Flowers, Self Care Made Easy’ our aim is to take flowers from solely being seen as a luxury to a daily dose of self care. With this campaign, we used the power of humour to demonstrate just how far the world of self care has gone, when, in reality, all we really need is flowers.” 

Alongside building the That Flower Feeling brand, 180’s creative elements rolling out across the US include online films, radio, print and social and influencer marketing, The brand is also planning activations in the coming months.

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