3 Social Media Resolutions for 2023

KOMI’s Andrew Trotman shares his top tips for maximising social media efforts

Andrew Trotman

Chief Executive Officer Komi Group


2022 saw many new social media trends with companies both soaring and failing at trying to harness them. As we move into 2023, social media will continue to be an even more widely used communication channel for businesses to engage with customers and prospects. Similar to what we do in our personal lives, we are urging businesses to look back on 2022 and importantly look forward to 2023 and consider ways to better their social media habits.  

At KOMI, it’s our job to stay on top of social media trends to ensure we focus on the best ways to enhance our clients’ businesses. This year is going to be a very different social media space and we’ve compiled our top social media resolutions for businesses to consider upholding in the New Year! 

These New Year resolutions will help you take advantage of some of the hot new social media trends and opportunities we expect to see this coming year.

1)  Live Life (or Social) To the Fullest

Social will become the new go-to search function, with young consumers in particular taking to social media instead of Google. In 2022, 50% of consumers have taken to social media to search for purchase recommendations, travel inspiration, and help with decision-making[1]. Rather than reading reviews, users have become more trusting of video content to help them make purchase decisions. TikTok has recently become one of the most widely used go-to search functions for consumers and is now regularly used as an e-commerce platform for shopping – the perfect combination for advertisers. Going forward, we advise brands take this into account and start to look at how discoverable they really are on all platforms, but particularly TikTok.  

2)  Exercise (YouTube) More

YouTube will focus more on community and interaction between users. The statistics show the average monthly active users on YouTube is among the highest of all platforms. 2023 will see a real shift as people use it as a social platform to build a community more. As it is starting to get into ‘YouTube Shorts’, TikTok and YouTube will continue to steal ideas from each other and soar as a result. TikTok supplies short-form, bite-sized content to watch in little time and whilst YouTube is still considered a destination platform, it will start to bring in a more news-type feed approach for users. Consider exercising your YouTube channels to better effect and reap the benefits! 

3)  Increase Time with Friends (& Your Community)

Businesses will start to look at YouTube vs. TikTok in 2023. Linking back to social being the new search, now is the best time for businesses to launch on YouTube as it will be easier to gain engagement and build awareness from Gen Z consumers. Businesses need to continually think: How do we make sure we are at the top of social and the answer, my friends, is community built from good, platform relevant content.

In summary, 2023 will offer bigger and better opportunities for businesses, especially if they take note of some of these pithy social media resolutions. Altering their social media habits in line with the upcoming trends is imperative and with YouTube building traction within the Gen-Z community, advertisers reviewing other platforms and the utilisation of micro influencers, you truly can jump into 2023 in a leaner, fitter and happier social media presence that is ready to take on the world! 

Guest Author

Andrew Trotman

Chief Executive Officer Komi Group


As CEO, Andrew provides a strategic approach and identifies areas of growth within the business. He is incredibly involved in the day to day, specifically in the delivery of services with clients and keeping a keen eye on the quality of Komi’s projects. Andrew instills the ideology of doing things the right way as opposed to the traditional way. He launched Komi Group in 2016 – previously named Its Gone Viral, originally set out to be a publishing firm working for inbound clients interested in creative industries. Komi has now gone on to reach around one billion people a month through their own organic media brands. Andrews biggest aim for KOMI is to become a full-service solution for their brand or client, which the company is working toward with their Komi 25 plan, a companywide ambition that sets out goals to intended to achieve by 2025.

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