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Abrdn and Iris highlight investing is a force for good

A 3D billboard for global investment company abrdn brings to life the opportunity of sustainable investment

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


In a world in which consumers’ attention is often partial, bespoke outdoor advertising presents a unique opportunity to stop consumers in their tracks.

It is an opportunity which Iris has grasped in its latest special-build campaign for global investment company, abrdn. The billboard highlights the opportunities that can come from sustainable investment solutions, by physically demonstrating them.

The billboard, which can be seen at Westfield White City this month, will be amplified with images from the campaign on abrdn’s website and across social channels. 

The billboard execution physically demonstrates the impact that investing in THIS, companies that are developing sustainable water solutions, can have on THAT, creating more clean drinking water for global communities. 

The billboard can be seen at Westfield White City until 20th November and will be supported by captured stills to run on abrdn’s website and organic social channels. 

Iris is abrdn’s lead global marketing agency, following the agency’s appointment in July 2021. Media was handled by Ptarmigan and production was delivered by Talon. 

Simon Bailey, Global Head of Brand and Marketing at abrdn, explained: “Our brand is founded on our fundamental belief that investment is a force for good. We have set about re-framing the concept of investments from one that was purely about personal gain to one that, if done right can be a genuine driver of progress for the individual, their families and the society in which they live.” He added that he hopes the campaign will “stop people in the street to consider what they could achieve.”

Research from the UN highlights the current consumption rates of water, as it stands, will result in a 40% gap between global water supply and demand by 2030. I 

Eli Vasiliou, Group Creative Director at Iris, added: “The issue of safe water supply will affect all of us, unless drastic action is taken. This special 3D billboard highlights the potentially pivotal role investors can play to help develop innovations to avert the crisis.”


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