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Alpha Century

Save the Children

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Your Call

Introducing a unique narrative approach and challenging the conventional formula of DRTV.

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Creative production

Sector: Charity

Agency: Your Call, Alpha Century

BITE Insight

It is difficult not to feel slightly cynical when faced with the multitude of charity ads that appear at this time of year. Our TVs and radios are so saturated with information that it can be difficult for a distinct and important message to cut through the noise.

This is what Alpha Century were tasked with doing for Save the Children, with a brief that asked them to create a unique narrative approach to a DRTV charity advert. The result was Your Call, a slot that focuses on the plight of pregnant women in Busia County, Kenya.

The ad highlights the increasing number of women who are dying in childbirth with a voiceover that is a phone call between a potential donor and an individual working for Save the Children. The call outlines how each donation will make a difference and feels akin to a programme about the emergency services, the rawness of the call allowing for the message to really hit home.

The campaign’s goal is to raise money to help support maternal outreach programmes in the region by taking a new approach to DRTV, enabling Save the Children's ads to stand out as both emotional and relatable.


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