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Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE



A disruptive World Cup campaign that captured the hearts and minds of the nation.

Disciplines: Branded content

Sector: Automotive

Agency: #AutoTraderGoals, AmazeRealise

BITE Insight

Everyone in the UK, from the diehard fan to the relative newbie, was watching the Russia Football World Cup this summer. While the sun beat down the country’s hottest temperatures on record, the England football team carried the hopes of a nation.

With all this concentrated attention came many a brand trying to stand out. For Auto Trader, this led them to work with AmazeRealise on #AutoTraderGoals, a World Cup social media campaign, with an added bonus.

For every goal England scored, Auto Trader gave away a brand new car. And, as our football team went from strength to strength and entered the fifth week of the tournament, the campaign built up the persona of Neil, Auto Trader’s long suffering, but spoof, Finance Director who passionately became Colombia’s biggest fan.

#AutoTraderGoals reacted in real time to what was happening on the pitch and to people’s dual-screen behaviour while watching. The spirited, carefree attitude and tone of voice of the campaign mirrored that of the nation.

The campaign was brilliantly on brand without straying into the realm of sponsor, whilst harbouring the excitement of the England fans. With the hashtag used over a quarter of a million times, it trended in the top 10 in the UK after every England goal. Unsurprising really when doing so could win you a free car.

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