Andrex celebrates 80 years of puppy love

The campaign created by FCB Inferno shows how a little love can go a long way

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


Few brand mascots are as iconic as the Andrex puppy; a puppy that is front and centre of the brand’s latest campaign celebrating 80 years of taking care of Briton’s puppy-soft bottoms since 1942. The campaign created by FCB Inferno, ‘A little love goes a long way’ focuses on the emotional bond between generations of British families and the beloved Andrex puppy.

The campaign is centred around the insight that small, everyday acts of care, like picking up a pack of Andrex, can make a real difference to how people feel.

At the heart of the campaign is a heartwarming hero film directed by Grammy-nominated director Nicholas Jack-Davies that shows a Mum shopping for her daughter, picking up a few regular items, before spotting a real puppy on the shelf, between packs of Andrex. The women and the puppy share a tender moment as she picks up the pooch and pops it into her trolley, where it becomes a pack of Andrex. The final shot shows that the woman’s daughter is heavily pregnant, and the Mum’s choice to pick up Andrex for her is a little act of love that helps to ease the load.

“For 80 years, Andrex has provided quality, value and comfort to families.  This campaign, symbolized by the iconic Andrex puppy, will hopefully give people a reason to smile, and act as a reminder that little acts of care can go a long way. With the launch of new Classic Clean Mega Rolls, which are 50% longer, they’ll now go even further.” explained Matt Stone, Marketing Director, UK & Ireland at Kimberly-Clark.

Along with the hero film, the campaign includes TV, press, digital and social assets featuring the launch of the new Andrex Classic Clean Mega. The assets build on past Andrex campaigns with the line ‘Soft, strong and now 50% longer’.   

“If you ask any Brit, Andrex is the puppy, and the puppy is Andrex. In this campaign, we really wanted to show that when you pick a pack of Andrex off the shelf, you’re picking up all the softness, the care, the love, that the puppy represents.” added Ben Usher & Rob Farren, Creative Directors at FCB Inferno.

Andrex is also running #PawsOnAPup, a social and shopper competition that gives everyone the chance to win their own cuddly toy pup to get the public involved in the 80-year celebrations.

Not only is the Andrex puppy a symbol of love and softness, but the brand mascot has become a symbol of the brand ingrained into the minds of consumers for a large portion of the brand’s 80 years. The cute and cuddly puppy provides audiences with familiarity and conjures up nostalgia that contributes to ongoing brand loyalty and trust.

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