Tony Quinn, BBD Perfect Storm

Chief Strategy Officer


Considering his youthful looks (his words not ours), it will come as a surprise to many that Tony is one of the most experienced strategists in his field.
Having led some of London’s most admired agencies, Tony has worked in just about every category, from finance to fashion, from super-lux to stack-it-high-and-sell-it-cheap, at all four corners of the globe. There’s little he doesn’t know about strategy (again, his words not ours).
During this time, he has ridden many economic peaks and troughs and looks ahead to 2023, and beyond, with these years, and many more, in mind.
Tony’s very quick to mention he was recognised at one of the UK’s Top 10 strategists three years in succession but maybe not so quick to mention he was 10th in each.
He likes his eggs sunny-side up, his glasses half full and looks at life through rose tinted glasses.
He supports Leeds United.

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