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Izzy Ashton

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The Vodka With Nothing To Hide

Blush easily? Absolut employees bare all to show it really is ‘the Vodka with Nothing to Hide’

Disciplines: Advertising/Creative, Integrated marketing

Sector: Alcoholic Drinks

Agency: The Vodka With Nothing To Hide, BBH London

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Imagine joining a new company. You’ve made your lunch, worked out the best commute and are just having a quick glance over your induction video. You’re expecting, well, a friendly face welcoming you to the fold. Instead, new starters at Absolut were presented with something a little different.

Marketing itself as a (spoof) Employee Induction Film, Absolut’s latest ad with BBH sees employees strip down to nothing to show it really is the Vodka With Nothing to Hide.

Hosted by a naked, save for a carefully designed area of pixilation, Gunnar, the video takes us to Åhus in Sweden, which has been the home of Absolut for more than 100 years.

We are introduced to naked farmers, like Lars, and to revealing employee practises, including the popularity of cycling to work and the rigorous rejection process. We even see the company’s founder L.O Smith bare all in his portrait.

The film credits list the actors and the 28 Absolut employees who also took part in the video, including Bottling Operators, a Mechanical Engineer, Global Marketing Manager and even The Absolut Company’s CEO.

The video highlights the high quality and sustainability of Absolut’s vodka-making process. The employees’ nudity is used as an entertaining metaphor for the brand’s production transparency and openness. Gunnar sums up the video by pointing to Absolut’s One Source and One Community policy, maintaining that “the most important thing that goes into Absolut is our people.”

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