BBH bursts the LinkedIn success bubble with #OurImposterStories campaign

Intern-led campaign highlights the strength of transparency and honesty in business communications.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


If the first wave of the growth of LinkedIn was based on self promotion; its second phase could perhaps be more focused on a rising self-awareness of the pressure that comes with feeling you are falling short. 

The mental toll of comparing and despairing is increasingly on the agenda and a new campaign from BBH Singapore highlights the strength of cutting through the gloss of LinkedIn with honesty and vulnerability. The

intern-led campaign ‘Our Imposter Stories’ is a two-weeK long campaign which invites people to talk about their experiences of Imposter Syndrome. 

According to BBH, Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which an individual doubts their skills, talents, or accomplishments, and are faced with an internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Studies have shown that it can lead to high levels of fear, anxiety, stress, drops in job satisfaction, increased burnout and even depression, if left unmanaged. 

A study by Asana, The Anatomy of Work Index has revealed that 74% of Singaporeans experience Imposter Syndrome, a significant disparity when compared to the global average of 62% - yet its prevalence is rarely discussed.

The campaign hopes to break this silence through the creation of the campaign page @Our Imposter Stories on LinkedIn. The page has already prompted leaders such as Leanne Robers, the Co-founder of  She loves Tech, to share her own experience with Imposter Syndrome.

The core team on the project were Business Leadership Intern,  Jenessa Ong, Strategy Intern: Maureen Alam, Creative Intern, Ginola Tan and Production Intern, Jadee Ng. The interns were all part of the agency's dedicated internship scheme ‘The Barn’.

Jenessa Ong, BBH Barn’s Business Leadership intern, explained: “LinkedIn is a platform where honest authentic conversations rarely take place. This campaign starts to chip away at the glossy, polished professional veneer of the platform, by talking about real insecurities that many of us struggle to put into words.”  

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