Birds Eye Green Cuisine shows the power of the ‘Plant Age’

The new campaign from McCann London showcases Birds Eye’s plant based range and encourages consumers to embrace behavioural shift

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


In order to help tackle climate change, research suggests that meat consumption in the EU needs to drop by 71% by 2030. Embracing the shift toward plant-based cuisine and encouraging consumers to eat less meat Birds Eye Green Cuisine has relaunched its brand platform with a new advertising campaign, ‘Welcome to the Plant Age’, created in partnership with McCann London.

While many people have intentions to make changes towards a more plant based diet, many still have questions or feel disengaged with the category thinking it isn’t relevant to them for a variety of different reasons.

In its new ‘Welcome to the Plant Age’ campaign, Birds Eye Green Cuisine raises some of the questions why consumers and shoppers might not be making plant-based choices and encourages open conversation. To enable these conversations the campaign makes use of wide-eyed, curious, straight talking children, who aren’t afraid to ask why and say exactly what's on their minds.

A brand new set of TVCs feature children asking their unwitting parents why they don’t eat plant-based food at home; “Is it because you fear change and you’re scared to try something new, because if no one likes it, it’ll be remembered as the night Mum made that thing?”. The TV campaign launches a distinctive new brand identity for Green Cuisine with the introduction of new characters in a friendly animation style. The no-nonsense conversations between families paired with the quaint animation style allows the brand to raise issues around plant based eating in a way that audiences can resonate with and reflect upon.

“Kids huh?” says Matt Crabtree, Creative Director at McCann London, “Those little cherub faces that are always able to ask us the most challenging of questions and get away with it. The team used this idea to create this charming yet disruptive campaign for Green Cuisine, where our animated kids innocently welcome us into a more progressive and sustainable future for food – The Plant Age.” 

The TVCs approach plant-based eating in a way that allows for friendly debate and discussion, taking away some of the fears around getting things wrong and encouraging a more flexible approach. 

“Through curious kids who challenge people to think again, we can show that Green Cuisine makes a flexitarian diet more accessible by showing consumers how easy, tasty and nutritious it can be to incorporate plant-based options into your everyday meals.” explained Elle Barker, Green Cuisine Marketing Director.

Encouraging consumers to shift long established habits is a complex task and it's important to be mindful of concerns and respectful of resistance to change. Through open, honest discourse and the help of some straight talking children, Birds Eye Green Cuisine’s latest campaign exemplifies how new habits can be encouraged in a way that resonates with audiences. 

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