Black History Month launches with ‘proud to be’ campaign

A month of activity aims to focus on celebrating Black British resistance to racism.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


Black History Month has launched in the UK with the theme ‘Proud To Be’, which Black History Month UK magazine says is ‘inspired by the 2020 Black Lives Matter events’.

Catherine Ross, editor at Black History Month UK, explains: 'It’s been a challenging time for many black and brown people, with so much in the media about racism, inequality and injustice.'

She continued: 'We wanted the theme of Black History Month 2021 to focus on celebrating being black or brown, and to inspire and share the pride people have in their heritage and culture – in their own way, in their own words.'

Black History Month 2021 will include a renewed focus on Black British resistance to racism and a focus on education and elevation of Black people who have made huge contributions to British culture and history.

Lord Paul Boateng explained that Black History Month is a good opportunity to reflect on what more needs to be done in order to  ensure that our education system is fit for purpose.  He explained: “The challenge is to prepare by a policy of inclusion rather than exclusion of all young people to thrive in a diverse and multi polar world in which no region or race holds sway over all others.”

To find out more about Black History Month visit: www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk