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Matt Clarke, Client Director at Walker, is our South Coast tour guide, showing us some of the sights, & explaining why more and more people are swapping city living for a healthy dose of sea air, down in sunny Bournemouth.

Matt Clarke, Walker

Client Director


In years gone by, Bournemouth was more likely to be known for its ageing population and amusement arcades than its thriving business scene. But in recent times, the popular seaside resort has witnessed something of a transformation, quickly forging a reputation as being a home for creativity and innovation.

Although I like to think that the sea air has probably played its part, it’s fair to say that the two universities can take a lot of credit for this resurgence. Buoyed by the appeal of the town’s lively nightlife and the seven miles of sandy beaches, the two universities attract thousands of students to our shores each year. Each one sold on the promise of combining a quality degree with a beach holiday lifestyle.

But holidays are meant to end at some point, right? Well that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. The latest generation of graduates are embracing the beach lifestyle so much, that many of them are choosing to remain in Bournemouth long after their degrees. As a result, the town is now awash with young, talented people looking to further their careers on the South Coast.

And who can blame them? When your working day can be tailored around a morning paddleboard, a lunchtime surf, or an afternoon beach walk with the dogs. Once experienced, it’s hard to imagine anything different. Add to this the fact that we’ve one of the fastest growing digital economies in the UK, plus a number of internationally renowned companies in the creative field, it’s easy to see why more and more people are choosing to call Bournemouth their home.

I know I have. And the key for me is never taking it for granted. So, I always try and make time to get outside, and get some of that magical sea air. I cannot rate it highly enough!

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Pukka, ‘The People’s Pie’

The nation’s favourite pie brand was in need of a brand refresh and campaign creative ahead of their biggest ever marketing campaign. We were tasked with spearheading all creative and strategic communications for Pukka, with the goal to put more pies on more plates, for more people, up and down the country. From match day belly-warmers, to al fresco date nights; covered in ketchup, soaked in gravy or served with mushy peas; the Friday filler or a family Sunday dinner. Pukka is for everyone.

The People's Pie was born, a multi-channel creative campaign that champions real people and how they enjoy Pukka up and down the country.  Our work includes the new website, brand guidelines, strategic comms, digital and outdoor creative, packaging and of course a new TV ad. Since our campaign has launched, Pukka has seen YoY sales in double-digit growth.

Go Here - Hengistbury.jpg

Go Here

It’s clearly going to have to be the beach isn’t it? But not the busy stretch of sand near the pier. Instead, if you’re looking somewhere far more picturesque, then head a few miles east of Bournemouth town centre, to the stunning Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve. Once there, take a short walk over the headland or through the woods, and you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice with uncrowded beaches and stunning views towards the Isle of Wight. This beauty spot is where the locals choose to escape the tourists in the summer, and where the dog walkers gravitate in the winter months. But if you’re looking for the ultimate beach experience, then why not try your luck at renting one of the overnight beach huts? Escape from technology for a few days and enjoy waking up just a few metres from the beach each morning!

Go Here:
Hengistbury Head Nature Reserve


GP Batteries, ‘Footprint European Activation’

The number one battery brand in China, and a household name across Asia, GP Batteries needed something to stand for if it were to take on a European market already dominated by big brands such as Duracell. Every year the UK is estimated to throw away over 600 million batteries. Not only is that putting a huge strain on our capacity for waste, but batteries leak harmful substances into the environment, therefore threatening our delicate ecosystem. So, let’s get GP to own the green narrative.

We started with educating the outdoor industry and consumers of the importance of recycling batteries, and the environmental and cost benefits of switching to rechargeables. Our creative was simple, offering a huge opportunity for an emotionally led narrative. However, we realised this message needed some big backing, so we worked with the country’s biggest outdoor brands and retailers to commit to only stocking rechargeable batteries. The campaign successfully rolled out across digital, social, outdoor and press.

Eat Here

As I’m sat writing this on a cold, wet, windy afternoon, my thoughts naturally drift towards a classic English favourite: the roast dinner. And there’s no better place to enjoy this, in my humble opinion, than The Larderhouse. The wood fired oven is at the core of the restaurant, which keeps the place warm and inviting even on the wildest of winter days. And their Sunday menu, filled with a selection of their award-winning roasts, is more than enough to keep even the fiercest of food critics satisfied. And when day turns to night, then head upstairs to their very own cocktail bar, The Library of Liquor. Literally brimming with drink options, this tiny bar only holds around 30 people. So, if you’re lucky enough to get a spot inside, then it’s best to make the most of it and stay there ‘til closing!

Eat Here:
The Library of Liquor
Eat Here - The Library of Liquor.jpg


McCarthy & Stone, ‘Redefining Retirement’

We have a close relationship with UK’s leading retirement housebuilder, developing strategic and creative material on a regular basis. Our recent campaign involved redefining what it means to retire. Our detailed research through ethnography, site visits, focus groups and interviews led us to our key insight: it was time for new thinking. Shifting our focus from buildings and their contents, to people. Their unique personalities and stories became our product features. This meant we could bring to life the feeling of community, and community was far more powerful than any development characteristic.

We helped change the mind-set of a whole company. Shifting from homebuilder to a lifestyle provider. Target personas, brand strategy and comms plans developed into all creative messaging and marketing to ensure success. We turned a previously rational based proposition into an emotionally led story. Less stress, more enjoyment, less loneliness, more fun, and a helping hand when you need it.

Guest Author

Matt Clarke, Walker

Client Director,


Matt Clarke, Client Director at Walker, has over a decade of experience working across key client accounts, specialising in delivering solutions in Financial Services, Travel, and FMCG. From TV advertising and OOH through to social and experiential, he’s worked on a wide range of successful campaigns, for the likes of P&O Cruises, Mentos, Pukka Pies, Zurich, Fruittella and Ageas.

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