Bupa takes on the planet as a patient

The campaign from AMV BBDO launches Bupa’s new sustainability ambitions

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


The climate crisis is the biggest challenge we face and Bupa’s latest campaign highlights the need for a healthy planet for healthy people.

The new campaign from AMV BBDO launches Bupa’s new sustainability ambitions that focus on the intersection between human health and the health of the planet.

The hero film introduces Planet Earth as Bupa’s latest patient and depicts healthcare professionals across the globe carrying out medical examinations that would usually be done on people In different environments across the globe. Audiences see striking visuals of the planet from rainforests to cities and deserts as the campaign reinforces the idea that if the planet is not healthy, the chances are people won’t be either. By directly relating the planet’s health with people’s well-being Bupa capitalizes on an area of expertise and brings to life the topic of sustainability.

The film was shot entirely using virtual production, 95% less carbon intensive compared to filming on location and was directed by David Edwards.

Bupa’s new sustainability strategy defines the roadmap that the company will undertake over the next critical years to minimize the impact of healthcare on the planet. The healthcare provider aims to find more sustainable healthcare solutions and create healthier, greener spaces where people can thrive. The business is also moving to renewable energy, making their doctors’ and nurses’ scrubs from recycled plastics, and reimagining the way they deliver more efficient, lower carbon healthcare through new apps, technology, and other innovations. 

“For 75 years Bupa has been taking care of people’s health, but it is becoming increasingly clear that we can’t do this without taking care of the health of our planet too. If our planet isn’t healthy, the chances are we won’t be either.” explained Nigel Sullivan, Chief Sustainability and People Officer, Bupa Group.

The campaign launch coincides with both COP27 and Ad Net Zero, events which highlight the need for businesses to take action and make significant changes to reduce environmental impact.

“With the climate crisis being labelled a health crisis, there is now more reason than ever for a health provider to play their part. Bupa is doing exactly this, and we are excited to help them do so.” says Sam Hawkey, Chief Executive Officer AMV BBDO.

Each and every sector has a responsibility to make significant changes to help combat the climate crisis. This campaign from Bupa is an example of how existing industry expertise, on this occasion in healthcare, can be extended to make a positive impact to our planet in the form of more sustainable working practices. The campaign also helps to inform consumers to make more sustainable choices when it comes to healthcare underlining the fact that to practice good health we first need a healthy planet.

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