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London's Euston Station

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


London's Euston Station
London's Euston Station

While Christmas is a time of merriment for many, for others it only serves to highlight their hardship and emphasise a feeling of loneliness. London’s Euston Station, working alongside the homeless charity St Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen, has pledged to do more this year to help out the city’s homeless people.

As no trains run from Euston on Christmas Day, the station, which would otherwise have been empty, is to become a homeless shelter for the day. The respective charities will make it possible for 200 homeless people to enjoy a festive dinner, served by the charities, as well as providing them with some oft needed company.

The station will be decorated and tables laid by thirty volunteers from Network Rail, who will give up their day to work alongside volunteers from each of the charities. Euston's Christmas celebration is a collective undertaking and one that would not be possible without the partnership and solidarity between the charities and the rail transport company.

It also serves as a reminder that these charities operate not only during the festive season, but throughout the year to support the homeless community throughout London.

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