“Chin up!” Ribena campaign makes light of life’s awkward moments

The new humorous campaign from BBH sees the brand poke fun at life’s stumbles

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


Whether it's struggling to parallel park or enduring an awkward handshake, life is full of little awkward moments. In Ribena’s latest campaign from BBH the brand pokes fun at these relatable cringeworthy moments, introducing the tagline ‘Chin up’.

The campaign launches with two new tongue-in-cheek films and OOH activity that audiences can all relate to. The first ‘Chin Up’ film, shows a man attempting to parallel park. Before he begins he feels the pressure mounting thanks to the spot’s tight proximity to Nosey’s Cafe, Gawpers Supermarket and a bus stop. A lorry driver offers some less-than-helpful advice as he waits to pass. As his attempt fails and his driving goes wrong, various cats chime in with a disappointed head shake and a chorus of ‘Maaaaate’.  

Finally, the man reaches for his Ribena, and after taking a sip the tables are turned. The viewpoint shifts and he is now relaxing in the role of an onlooker and one of the cats replaces him in the driver’s seat continuing to struggle. The spot ends with the voiceover: “When it’s Ribena high-pressure parking palaver…  Chin up, my friend. Chin up.

Another film shows a woman checking her reflection in a tinted car window, only for a teenager to roll the window down and give her a scathing look. This awkward altercation continues with various reflective surfaces until she pulls out her bottle of Ribena. 

Representing a major shift in direction for Ribena, ‘Chin Up’ draws inspiration from the awkward, banana skin moments like calling your boss ‘mum’, which make you cringe in the moment but that you can later laugh about with friends.  

After being appointed by Ribena in 2021, BBH devised ‘Chin Up’ to be a long-term brand platform that can be activated day to day in entertaining ways. The campaign has a £7M investment to reach a significant 91% of adults in the UK throughout the summer.

“Ribena is an icon mainstay of the soft drinks category – in fact, we’ve been bringing our incredible taste to consumers in the UK for over eight decades now! With the brand in strong growth of +15%, now is the perfect time to launch our new campaign. ‘Chin Up’ puts our brand’s cheeky irreverent personality at its heart by encouraging the nation to reach for a Ribena to help them laugh through life’s awkward little stumbles.” explained Charlotte Flook, Head of Ribena at Suntory Beverage & Food GB&I.

The fun-loving campaign is designed to put a smile on audience's faces in the hope that humour will no doubt help solidify the brand as a firm favourite this summer.

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