Chocolate: The Lion For Failure

Awards season is a difficult time for many creatives, with that in mind Senior Creative Mark Kelly has created some chocolate and card based consolation prizes, in aid of mental health charity Mind.

Nicola Kemp

Editorial Director


We all know the negative impact that social media can have on our mental health. That omnipresent ‘great life you aren’t living’ presented through the veneer of airbrushed instagram squares can leave all too many of us feeling that we are failing.

This urge to 'compare and despair’ is particularly omnipresent in awards season. We may well be eating crisps in our leggings, rather than sunning ourselves on the Croisette, but the sense of falling short is nonetheless acute. When it comes to awards envy being rational is sometimes a no Cannes do. 

With this in mind Senior Creative Mark Kelly has come up with an idea, which as he explains, is designed to ‘poke fun at awards mania, while also supporting a serious cause’.

Chocolate: The Lion for Failure encourages people to send playful condolences cards for not winning at Cannes, along with a chocolate Lion (the bar) in order to raise money for Mind, the mental health charity. Kelly is hoping that people across the industry get involved to ‘'Share your Cannes-dolences’.

As he explains: “Awards season can be a difficult time for many creatives. Stress, anxiety and depression are common responses to finding you haven’t made the cut this year - particularly when your feeds are flooded with endless updates from those who have. So this project aims to cheer people up, have a bit of fun, and raise some money for mental health along the way.”

All profits from the cards will be donated to Mind for better mental health. To support the campaign and buy a card click here. 

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