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Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


BMW - Data Driven Design

Designing an award-winning consumer website for BMW.

Disciplines: Digital, Innovation/NPD/Service Design

Sector: Automotive

Agency: BMW - Data Driven Design , Dare

BITE Insight

Traditionally, when you bought a new car, you wandered into the local dealer, pointed to one you liked and drove it home. Today, the internet allows us to search for far better deals. But often the downside to this is you feel as though you’re wading through pages of endless choices.

Dare worked with BMW to improve the process for locating and buying an Approved Used BMW. They took the systems already in place and combined them into one centralised service.

They created the Used Vehicle Locater which allows consumers to filter the exact requirements of the car they wanted to buy, find the specific model they’re looking for and then either enquire or buy directly from the retailer.

Dare cleverly used data to connect retailers and consumers, designing a seamless and simplified search engine for buying used and approved BMWs. By creating highly specific and targeted filters, the Used Vehicle Locator allows consumers to buy with ease.

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