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The Trump Baby

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


Design - The Trump Baby
The Trump Baby will fly over Parliament Square Gardens for two hours on Friday 13th July

President Trump has made moral outrage a signature feature of his ongoing presidency. He writes, often nonsensically, for hours on Twitter, will happily degrade women and hurls racist insults across the world. But make a mockery of the man and be prepared for the mother of all tantrums.

Which is exactly why a group of designers have decided to crowdfund a campaign to create a giant inflatable Trump Baby which will hover above the Houses of Parliament during the US president’s visit to the UK.

The Trump Baby blimp depicts the President as a nappy-clad toddler, a smartphone clasped in his tiny hand and an angry grimace fixed on his face. The twenty foot high orange inflatable will fly for two hours this Friday as around 50,000 protestors are expected to march to Trafalgar Square.

The blimp’s presence in London has been approved by the city’s Major Sadiq Khan with a spokesman for his office saying, "The mayor supports the right to peaceful protest and understands that this can take many different forms".

One of the designers behind the project Leo Murray, an environmental campaigner, said that the blimp has been created to be a public show of opposition to Trump’s visit. The group financed the project through a crowdfunding campaign and, having exceeded their original target, have enough money to take the Trump Baby on a World Tour, following President Trump around the globe, “haunting his diplomatic engagement wherever he goes”.

The President is in the UK from Thursday 12th July until Sunday 15th during which time he will dine with Theresa May, take tea with the Queen and stalk the streets of Edinburgh in between. Whether he’ll stay to watch the World Cup final has yet to be confirmed.

The Trump Baby will be flown over Parliament Square Gardens, next to the Houses of Parliament, between 9:30am and 11:30am on Friday 13th July.

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