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Quintessentially British A - Z

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


The Royal Mint - Quintessentially British A - Z
The Royal Mint's Quintessentially British A - Z

When you think of Britain, what springs to mind? Is it the inevitability of a queue, fish and chips wrapped in newspaper, a cricket match or a full English breakfast? Well, whatever your preferred and cherished British ideal, the Royal Mint has immortalised them all in a Quintessentially British A to Z.

The Mint, which has been designing British coins for over 1,100 years, has chased the alphabet to examine what makes us proud to be British, and captured each of those aspects in exquisite detail on 10p coins. The series also looks to celebrate two pivotal anniversaries in 2018: the NHS turning 70 and the Angel of the North 20.

The collection is varied, honouring not only the British food and double decker buses, but also the country’s scientific and technological advancements, from the World Wide Web to Greenwich Meantime. Each design was created by the Royal Mint’s team of coin designers and sent off to the Queen for approval.

To date, 2.6 million circulating 10p coins have been struck with the 26 designs and more will be created according to public demand. The coins can be purchased from the Mint’s website but they can also be pursued using the Great British Coin Hunt app, which has been created to encourage the public to find the 10ps within their change.

Visit the Royal Mint’s website to find out more.

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