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Izzy Ashton

Deputy Editor, BITE


Clothing is never one size fits all. Online shoppers unsure of the fit are still having to either take a risk and order one size, or order multiple, in the full knowledge that they will send one of the items back. ZOZOSUIT aims to change that by creating perfect fitting clothes for the online shopper.

The smart suit was developed by StretchSense, a New Zealand-based wearable sensing systems manufacturer, for its client, the Japanese online retail company, Start Today. With its unique technology, StretchSense is looking to go beyond “wearables” and into “disappearables”, when you are unsure where the clothing ends and the sensory technology begins.

The patented technology is woven into the skin-tight suit and uses 150 integrated stretch sensors to take 15,000 exact measurements of your body. The smart suit then syncs the data via Bluetooth with an app. Shoppers can then either buy clothes directly from the app or from the store’s online platform, ZOZOTOWN. It is Japan’s largest fashion e-commerce site and there are around 4,000 brands stocked on the website.

The ZOZOSUIT is ground-breaking for the world of fashion e-commerce, which sees around two thirds of shoppers who bought women’s clothing sending at least one item back (Savvy Marketing), resulting in price increases across the board. This smart suit aims to prevent this unnecessary waste and cost by providing shoppers with a wardrobe that fits them perfectly.

Visit ZOZOSUIT’s website to find out more.

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