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Branding for Brexit

Izzy Ashton

Deputy Editor, BITE


Dragon Rouge - Branding for Brexit

Brexit has caused uncertainty across the domains of both public and private life. With massive political, economic and social implications, companies are scrambling to find their place in the post-Brexit era and determine what’s next for their brand. Dragon Rouge has produced an in-depth analysis of the challenges brands face in the post-Brexit era, an offering of advice informed by internal and external research.

For brands, the most pressing concern is where to go from here. Brands should be considering how they can prosper during these coming times of economic turmoil. In particular, they should be contemplating what role national identity should be playing, how they can better understand and connect with consumers, and whether it is better to innovate or fall back on the familiar.

Regardless of the uncertainty, it is a brand’s responsibility to make informed, expeditious decisions in order to build resilience.

In today’s uncertain political environment, it’s more important than ever for brands to know who they are and where they’re going. As our political leaders and institutions flounder in search of direction, there’s a huge opportunity for brands to communicate their own clear vision for the future.


Dorothy Mackenzie, Chairman, Dragon Rouge

James Byrne, Growth & Reputation Director, Dragon Rouge

Key take outs:

  • Post-Brexit we’re seeing a splintering of identities, attitudes and values.
  • Which direction companies opt for will depend on their core demographic.
  • Brands can find a way to celebrate their Britishness through story, purpose and a sense of place.
  • Though consumers tend to rank “Britishness” quite low when considering brand options, there is an association between British products and quality, which is the product characteristic most valued.
  • We’re seeing a new British aesthetic emerging, less locked in British codes or provenance, more global, influenced by the digital age, simple, bold (ref. above image).
  • Disruption and uncertainty create big opportunities for innovation.
  • The best kind of innovation makes people feel more secure and avoids needless complexity.


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