eve Sleep teams up with Late Night on 4

The snoozy slot sees the brand encourage audiences to switch off before bed

Georgie Moreton

Assistant Editor, BITE


In a somewhat ironic partnership, eve Sleep has teamed up with Channel 4 to sponsor Late Night on 4, reminding viewers to practise healthy sleep habits while they watch TV late at night. The sleep wellness brand won a competitive pitching process that sees it take residency of one of the most coveted TV spots, taking place every night on Channel 4 and E4 from 11pm until 4am.

To create the campaign eve Sleep has worked with media planning and buying agency Goodstuff and creative agency, Creature to extend the previous Switch Off campaign with Channel 4 which saw massive success for the brand in winter 2020/2021. 

In this continuation of the campaign, eve Sleep has revamped the ‘Test Card F’ from its 2020 campaign, offering a new visual twist that will be on Channel 4 and E4 every night. The sponsorship content features idents designed to encourage viewers to “switch off” their minds and bodies and start winding down for bed as they enjoy their favourite shows, with a cheeky acknowledgement of the irony of a sleep wellness brand sponsoring late-night TV.

eve Sleep USE.jpg

“We know there is great irony in us as a sleep wellness brand sponsoring a time when the majority of people should be asleep in bed, which is exactly what made the partnership so perfect.” explained Caroline Smith, Brand Director at eve Sleep. “Once again we’re leaning on this uniquely British bedtime symbol to encourage viewers to switch off their devices and give in to the call of their bed.”

TV viewers can get support in their quest to switch off from the TV through visiting eve’s recently launched ‘The Well Slept Club’ which is an ever-growing platform of online content designed to help everyone get the best night’s sleep they can. The platform encourages tired TV addicts to answer five simple questions which will lead to a curated feed of personalised sleep content designed to help them nod off.

The campaign is a continuation of the brands successful previous Switch Off campaign with Channel 4 which saw massive success for the brand helping eve Sleep end 2020 with £25,000,000 revenue and 5% growth year on year. The campaign won major awards such as in the Retail category at the Campaign Media Awards and has been called out as Best Practice by Thinkbox, forming part of their training modules. 

Capitalising on the winning formula of the previous campaign, the brand has recruited the same production team and young actor for the new episodes of the campaign. But this time, lighthearted scripts will be delivered in a knowing tone, tailored to each ident format to be shown throughout the night, every night across the year. 

“We are delighted to have secured such a brilliantly aligned sponsorship property for eve sleep, further increasing brand awareness, and supporting their sleep wellness positioning. Channel 4 has been and continues to be a very important part of eve’s story and now support the latest manifestation of the Switch Off campaign, with this well-positioned sponsorship. Switch Off has proven to be an effective strand of activity for eve Sleep as it creates moments that resonate so perfectly with the message, and we look forward to seeing it go from strength to strength.” added Genevieve Tompkins, Managing Partner at Good Stuff.

Alongside the new Channel 4 partnership, eve Sleep will also be running new gaming adverts on Candy Crush for a second year, audio adverts on gaming, AdPause adverts and homepage takeovers - including takeovers of all4.com - throughout the duration of the campaign. 

Through strategic, tongue-in-cheek ad placement in combination with wellness-focused messaging that promotes healthy sleep, the campaign is able to build upon its previous success and grow a new audience.