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Black Panther

Izzy Ashton

Assistant Editor of BITE


As creators, whether that be as marketers, directors, designers, we are in a unique position that we can change and affect culture. But this culture that we are creating has, for many years, not been representative of the real world around us, in all its diverse glory.

The arrival of Black Panther on our cinema screens signals a change. With a black superhero at its heart, this blockbuster Avenger movie has created a world in which many more children can finally see themselves reflected. There have been superheroes who have come before the Panther – we have had Superman, Batman and Spider-Man in over 30 iterations - but none that have formed a hero with such a powerful black identity.

Black Panther centres around the fictional African nation of Wakanda and is an empowering celebration of identity. It is a film about a modern, powerful and imaginative black superhero that re-sets the standard on what a superhero movie should look like.

Black Panther took $200 million on its opening night in the US. The audience is there and they know what they want. The saying goes that you cannot be what you cannot see. So why aren’t we creating an entire catalogue of superheroes of every race, gender, creed and colour? If we can do that, then every child, every adult, will see themselves reflected across their screens. And each one can dream of being a superhero.

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